Flight school staff arrested after reportedly trying to fly 'illegal' student back to China


A flight school instructor and his assistant were arrested after allegedly kidnapping a student, trying to send him back to China.

According to Authorities in Redding California, IASCO Flight Training employees Jonathan McConkey and Kelsi Hoser, showed up at trainee Tainshu Shi’s apartment two different times, first telling him he was going to be quote, "shipped back" to China.

Shi was enrolled in the aviation program through an organization that works with Chinese Nationals, with The Civil Aviation Authority of China sending up to 180 students to the program.

McConkey and Hoser then returned to the apartment again, telling Shi to pack his bag. According to the Record Searchlight, Shi couldn’t sleep all night and recorded the confrontation when they returned.

The audio clip was filled with profanity, with McConkey telling the trainee that the Government quote, “needs you out of this country right now” and Hoser saying, “You are here illegally, you know that. If you don't go with us, you go to jail."

Shi managed to contact his brother in Shanghai, who got in touch with Redding police.

Officers found Shi, McConkey and Hoser at the Redding Municipal Airport, with police arresting the Flight training employees on suspicion of conspiracy and kidnapping.

Authorities called the incident bizarre and confusing, with Shi saying he was relieved when police arrived saying, quote, "At that moment, police is my Jesus."