Report: Kellyanne Conway's husband suggested criticisms of President Trump to writers

Two writers told Politico that Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway randomly emailed them suggestions on how to boost their anti-Trump rhetoric.

Business Insider reports both writers had previously penned columns that were critical of President Trump.

Conway, a corporate attorney, normally re-tweets articles criticizing Trump’s administration to his 50,000+ followers.

Politico reports Conway has a strong belief in the rule of law -- placing him at odds with the administration in what some see as the skirting of legal norms.

Business Insider reports he was offered and turned down two white house positions.

Although he has stayed away from TV interviews, he recently expressed some of his opinions in an interview with Reuters.

He referred to Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani’s assertion that Trump cannot be subpoenaed as “drivel.”

According to Politico Conway declined to comment further on his tweets saying, “If I wanted to say anything publicly, I would say it.”