Photographer's camera melts during NASA launch -- still captures amazing image

After a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off on Tuesday, a photographer’s camera apparently couldn't take the heat.

NASA photographer Bill Ingalls took this photo of a Canon DSLR that he says “got toasted.”

The melting took place at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California where NASA’s GRACE-FO satellites were launched on Tuesday.

Although Ingalls notes that it wasn’t the rocket that melted the camera but a brush fire triggered by the rocket. reports Ingalls has been snapping photos for NASA since 1989 and it’s the first time one of his cameras has had a meltdown.

Despite getting torched, the camera was able to snap one image of the rocket taking off and another that shows the flames that claimed it.

The GRACE-FO mission will track the continuous movement of water and other changes on and beneath the Earth's surface, according to NASA.