LeBron once again showcased his photographic memory recalling all 6 of his turnovers in exact detail

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Boston Celtics 96-83 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday, putting the Cavaliers just one loss away from playoff elimination.

  • After the game, LeBron James once again showed off his impressive memory, this time going through each of his six turnovers on the night and explaining what went wrong.

  • James' memory has been something of a phenomenon this series after he correctly recalled the opening stretch of the fourth quarter of Game 1.

LeBron James showed off his photographic memory once again on Wednesday night, recalling in detail each of his six turnovers in Game 5 against the Boston Celtics.

The Cavaliers came up short in the game, falling to the Celtics, 96-83, to give Boston a 3-2 series lead and put the Cavs on the brink of elimination. But as James made clear after the game, he was quite aware of the missteps he made throughout the game.

Responding to a question from one reporter, James quickly began to break down each time he turned the ball over, and what happened on each play.

"I had two turnovers where I felt they were just, really bad," James said. "My first turnover, I tried to, I saw something happening, and Marcus Morris did a great job of reading it. Threw it up ahead to Kev, he picked it off."

"My second turnover, I went baseline, lost my footing on Marcus Morris, another turnover. A couple of them, one in transition to Jeff Green, I thought I put it on his hands, and he kind of fumbled it. Wish I could have that one back, I’d maybe bounce-pass that one."

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Impressively, he goes on like this for another minute. At one point, James stops himself after realizing he might be using language a bit too "Inside Basketball" for others to follow.

"I had a post-up on Terry Rozier, they came in painting from the bottom side — painting means they double from the baseline, sorry guys — and Jayson Tatum got his hands on them. I had a guy wide open. I should've faked high and thrown it low."

You can watch the entirety of the James' response below.

James insanely precise basketball recall has become something of a regular story since he began revealing it to reporters after games. Last year, he sent jaws dropping as he recited a random play from memory as if he had just watched the replay.

This season, he brought his recall to a new level, breaking down every movement of the ball during the 7-0 run the Celtics had to open the fourth quarter of Game 1. Somehow, James can track not only himself, but also the ball and all nine other players on the court simultaneously, and has instant access to all of the files that get stored in his hard drive.

The Cavaliers face elimination in Game 6 as the series head back to Cleveland — should James fall short of making it to his eighth straight NBA Finals, there's no doubt he'll be able to explain what went wrong.

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