Texas inmate gives birth in cell after guards allegedly ignore her cries

A county jail inmate in Texas claims she was forced to give birth to her newborn in her cell after her cries of help were ignored by officers.

Shaye Bear, 25, was around five months pregnant at Ellis County Jail In Waxahachie when she went into labor, according to WFAA.

She claims that guards at the prison didn't respond after she called for help after her water broke.

Bear says the guards took a long time to respond and she and her premature baby were transported to a nearby hospital.

WFAA reports the child was then airlifted to Cooks Children Medical Center in Fort Worth where he remains in the intensive care unit.

Law enforcement believes that Bear had induced her own labor and an investigation being carried out by Texas Rangers.

She was reportedly arrested on March 10 on drug-related charges and had also given birth in another hospital as an inmate almost two years ago.