Son of Boston police captain pleads guilty to ISIS bomb plot

A month before his trial, the son of a police captain in Boston pleaded guilty Monday to a terrorist plot supporting ISIS.

According to, 25-year-old Alexander Ciccolo obtained guns and began to make homemade bombs in 2015. He had been plotting to attack an unidentified college campus, and was seen buying a pressure cooker shortly before his arrest.

Prosecutors said he unveiled his plan to the FBI when they were investigating him while undercover.

Ciccolo’s father initially alerted the FBI.

According to New England Public Radio, Ciccolo’s mother says he converted to Islam a few years ago. Authorities reportedly found pro-ISIS posts on his Facebook page -- including a photo of a dead American soldier that said “Thank you Islamic State!” -- and homemade bombs in his home.

Ciccolo faces up to 20 years behind bars and will be sentenced in September.