Examination of teeth confirms Hitler died in 1945


There are a number of theories, some more sound than others, about when, how and even if Nazi leader Adolf Hitler died, reports NPR.

A recent examination of teeth belonging to Hitler lends significant support to already widely-accepted reports that the dictator took his own life on April 30, 1945.

USA Today notes that the dental evidence examined was collected by Soviet military personnel from outside the bunker where Hitler and those close to him spent what would become the final days of Nazi rule.

The teeth have since been held in Moscow and largely unavailable for examination.

A team of French researchers was recently granted access and determined that they are, indeed, Hitler’s famously bad teeth.

“We can stop all the conspiracy theories about Hitler,” Philippe Charlier, one of the researchers, told the AFP. “He did not flee to Argentina in a submarine, he is not in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon.”