NRA’s Oliver North blames ‘culture of violence’—not guns—for school shootings

Incoming National Rifle Association President Oliver North has blamed a “culture of violence” for the country’s recent spate of school shootings.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” he pushed back against calls for more gun control, saying, “The problem we’ve got is we’re trying like the dickens to treat the symptom without treating the disease. And the disease, in this case, isn’t the Second Amendment. The disease is youngsters who are steeped in a culture of violence, they’ve been drugged in many cases.”

He did not provide evidence to back up these claims. Instead, he advocated for an NRA program called “School Shield” which assesses a school’s campus for potential weaknesses that could make it vulnerable for a mass shooting.

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“If you want to stop the carnage, look, you’re not gonna fix it by taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens. You’ve got to fix it in a way that hardens the place sufficiently that those kids are safe inside the door. If that means five metal detectors getting in and out of the high school, you get five metal detectors,” North added.

However, the Washington Post points out that Santa Fe High School, where a gunman opened fire Friday, was “considered a hardened target, with an active-shooter plan and two armed police officers on patrol.”