Trump lashes out over ‘the greatest witch hunt in American history,’ says ‘still no collusion and no obstruction'

President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday and lashed out over special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in U.S. elections.

“Congratulations America, we are now into the second year of the greatest Witch Hunt in American History…and there is still No Collusion and No Obstruction,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “The only Collusion was that done by Democrats who were unable to win an Election despite the spending of far more money!”

Trump’s tweet comes a day after the Senate Intelligence Committee leaders said in a statement that the panel agrees with the U.S. intelligence community assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

“There is no doubt that Russia undertook an unprecedented effort to interfere with our 2016 elections,” the committee’s chairman, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), noted.

“The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President Putin himself for the purpose of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton,” said Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), who serves as the committee’s vice chair. “In order to protect our democracy from future threats, we must understand what happened in 2016.”