Rocket enthusiast arrested for possession of explosives as cops probe blast that killed ex-girlfriend

FBI agents have charged a California man who builds rockets as a hobby with unregistered possession of a dangerous device after searching his home in their investigation of a deadly blast that killed his ex-girlfriend

Stephen Beal, 59, saw his Long Beach home searched Thursday after his former girlfriend, 48-year-old cosmetologist Ildiko Krajnyak, was killed Tuesday in a bomb blast at the day spa she owned near Los Angeles.

Three of her customers were injured in the explosion that shook the neighborhood and sent 100 terrified children fleeing their preschool.

Investigators are turning their attention to Beal, whose hobby involved building rockets and sending them into the sky with powerful propellants.

Neighbors say they often saw Beal building the rockets in his driveway.

One neighbor told Inside Edition that one of Beal's rockets was as tall as a person.

Krajnyak isn't the only woman in Beal's life to meet an untimely death. His wife was killed in a freak accident at their home while moving furniture, says close friend Eric Sharpe.

"I believe his wife fell and died," Sharpe told Inside Edition.

Beal took several vacations with Krajnyak in Europe and Mexico.

They were still dating just last month.

Beal has not been charged in connection with his ex-girlfriend's death.

Authorities are still investigating.

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