NYC lawyer keeps big mouth shut after racist rant goes viral

Big-mouthed bigot Aaron Schlossberg suddenly has nothing to say.

The unwitting star of a viral video where he delivered a racist rant in a Midtown restaurant emerged Thursday from his Manhattan apartment without any comment on his sudden notoriety.

Schlossberg, 42, wore a black beanie and a blue suit as he hid behind an umbrella for about 10 minutes while ignoring questions from reporters.

The attorney, who received national scorn for his crude commentary, did call the police after accusing a Daily News reporter and photographer of harassment.

A video shot Tuesday by a customer inside the Fresh Kitchen restaurant on Madison Ave. captured the lawyer berating the manager after overhearing a conversation in Spanish between a customer and an employee.

Workers said the attorney swore at them and then threatened to call federal immigration authorities to deport the employees — assuming all were undocumented.

“The least they can do is speak English,” he concluded before storming out.

Schlossberg disappeared Wednesday as he became the target of widespread scorn for his hateful diatribe.