Man framed by police for murder and judge get emotional as he's exonerated after 17 years in prison

John Bunn was brought to tears as he finally received justice and was freed 17 years after being framed by police and convicted of murder.

“They won’t admit I’m an innocent man,” 41-year-old Bunn said in a Brooklyn courtroom, flanked by his attorneys.

“Y’all had the wrong man this whole time and you have [someone] out there running free and y’all had no right to do what you did.”

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Evidence showed that Bunn, who was 14 at the time, and another man were framed for the killing of Rolando Neischer by a corrupt former New York City detective Louis Scarcella. Bunn was only 14-years-old when he was convicted and jailed.

Bunn was convicted in an August 1991 killing, largely based on evidence planted by Scarcella. He lawyers always maintained that he was framed.

“There were problems with this case that were very obvious,” said defense lawyer Glenn Garber. “There was no probable cause to make an arrest.”

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Shawn’Dya Simpson, who overturned the conviction based on the evidence, was overwhelmed with emotion herself because of the circumstances that led to Bunn being jailed at such a young age.

“I am more than emotional about this day,” said Simpson. “You were 14 at the time. This shouldn’t have ever happened.”

Simpson said the legal process failed him.

“This case was tried . . ., a jury was picked, testimony was given and it concluded all in one day,” said Simpson. “I don’t consider that justice at all.”

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Bunn is optimistic about his future ahead.

“I don’t know how I made it this far, but I believe I am here for a purpose,” said Bunn.

“I just want to be proven innocent. . . . I didn’t want to be in the dark side of the shadows they (the prosecutors) tried to put me,” said Bunn.

“Move forward,” the Judge Simpson told Bunn. “Keep me posted.”

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