Glover said on 911 call that wife was lying to police

A tape of the 911 call the wife of former U.S. Open champion Lucas Glover made claiming she was attacked by her mother-in-law released Wednesday reveals Glover answered a call back from the St. John's Sheriff's Office in Florida and told police his wife was lying.

"Yeah, hi, I think we got our lines crossed here. This is the husband, the sane one of the bunch," Glover says on the call. "My wife has called you. ... Now she's trying to blame it on my mother, which is not the case at all. ... My wife has gone crazy."

Krista Glover was arrested Saturday in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., for allegedly attacking Lucas Glover's mother during an altercation after he missed the 54-hole cut at The Players Championship.

Krista Glover was taken to St. John's County Jail before being released on $2,500 bond Sunday. She is facing misdemeanor charges of domestic violence and resisting arrest.

According to the incident report, she attacked her husband's mother when the latter tried to intervene during an altercation between Lucas Glover and his wife. After being arrested, police say Krista Glover became combative and unruly and repeatedly kicked the car door.

The arrest reports also states Lucas Glover told the deputy his wife calls him a "loser" among other insults after he plays poorly in a tournament, and that she had been drinking. The world's 104th-ranked golfer, Lucas Glover was one of nine players to be eliminated from The Players under the "made cut, did not finish" designation after 54 holes.

During the call, Lucas Glover told the sheriff's office that sending a rescue squad wouldn't be necessary. He also told the operator she couldn't speak to his wife, saying, "She's going to lie to you. That's what I'm telling you. That's why I answered the phone. She's telling lies.

"She's in the house with my daughter. And when deputies get here, they need to talk to the male -- that would be me -- because these other two are out of their heads at the moment."

Lucas Glover tweeted a statement on Tuesday, reading: "On May 12, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which the police were called. Everyone is fine. Regrettably, although Krista was charged, we are comfortable that the judicial system is able to address what actually happened and Krista will be cleared in this private matter. We thank you for respecting our privacy as we work through this unfortunate situation."

Lucas Glover won the 2009 U.S. Open and has two other career PGA wins, with the most recent coming at the Wells Fargo Championship in 2011.

--Field Level Media