Kellyanne Conway suggests someone else maybe leaving the White House

  • Kellyanne Conway suggested there may be a staff shakeup at the White House in the fallout from an internal leak that revealed an aide mocked John McCain.

  • That aide, Kelly Sadler, made headlines last week for remarking about McCain's brain cancer and brushing off McCain's criticism of President Donald Trump's pick to run the CIA.

  • Sadler reportedly said at the time that McCain's criticism "doesn't matter" because "he's dying anyway."

  • The White House issued a statement in support of McCain the same day, but has not yet offered a public apology, nor has it said whether Sadler would keep her job.

Kellyanne Conway hinted there may be a shakeup at the White House after the fallout from an aide's remarks mocking Arizona Sen. John McCain, who is fighting brain cancer.

During a Fox News interview on Monday, Conway pointed to internal leaks — like those which led to the revelation of Sadler's remarks — as being unhelpful to the administration. And when asked whether she thinks some heads would roll because of it, Conway said, "I do, actually. Yes, I do."

White House aide Kelly Sadler last week took a rhetorical swing at McCain after the ailing senator publicly criticized President Donald Trump's pick for the CIA, Gina Haspel. Haspel had earlier raised some eyebrows for refusing to say whether she believes the use of torture is immoral.

According to multiple unnamed sources cited by various news outlets last week, Sadler had said it "doesn't matter" what McCain thinks because "he's dying anyway." The White House did not dispute the remarks, but issued a statement in support of McCain and his family at the time.

The White House has not yet publicly apologized to McCain, nor has it said whether Sadler would keep her job. Instead, White House spokespeople, including Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah — and, on Monday, Trump himself — have chastised "leakers."

Conway doubled up on that line Monday evening, saying the Trump administration has had a problem with staffers "using the media to shiv each other."

"That was going on quite a bit at the beginning of this administration, and it's less so, now" she said.

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