A 14th human foot washes ashore in Canada -- why does this keep happening?

Human foot number 14 has washed up on the shores of British Columbia, continuing a mystery that began back in 2007.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police report that the foot was found by a man walking on a beach on Gabriola Island.

Many of the other feet were found in running shoes while the most recent severed foot was stuck in a hiking boot.

The bizarre trend began back in 2007 when two right feet were found on islands in the Salish Sea, according to The Washington Post.

When more kept appearing in the following years, theories from a serial killer to a drug cartel all came pouring out.

However, DNA has linked a few of the cases to people reported missing, such as one man from Vancouver who suffered from depression, according to the Seattle Times.

Police are working with forensics experts and the coroner’s office to identify the latest case.

Coroner Barb McLintock told the Canadian Press in 2016 that nearly each case could be very reasonably explained.