Soldier sees daughter's birth via FaceTime while in Texas airport

An Army soldier on his way to be beside his wife during the birth of their first child was stranded at an airport — but he managed to witness the beautiful moment his daughter entered the world through FaceTime.

Army Specialist Brooks Lindsey, 25 was flying home to Jackson, Miss. from Fort Bliss, Texas when his mother video-chatted him to let him know his wife, Haley, was ready to pop.

An emotional Lindsey, wearing his camouflage uniform, sat on the floor at Dallas-Fort Worth International airport and watch the delivery of his daughter Millie in real-time.

Video of the soldier showed him trying to contain his emotions as he was about to take a sip of water.

Tracy Dover was at the airport when she and other bystander saw Lindsey crying.

“We all gave him space,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “When we heard the baby cry, we all rejoiced for him.”

Lindsey told the Washington Post his flight was delayed Friday because of maintenance problems.

Baby Millie was born at 5:23 p.m. and Lindsey showed up at the hospital two hours later where he held her for the first time.

“He picked her up and held her for five minutes and kept saying ‘wow I can’t believe we just had a baby,’” his wife Haley Lindsey, 22, wrote in a blog post.

Lindsey says he has a story to tell when he gets back to the base.

“It’s exciting to be a dad now; it was exciting to see it on FaceTime,” the soldier told the Post. “We have a really awesome story to tell our daughter about her birth.”