Arizona woman charged with stalking man she texted 65,000 times

He won’t be asking her out on another date.

An Arizona woman was charged with stalking a man she met online after sending him 65,000 text messages — and threatening she wanted to kill him.

Jacqueline Ades, 31, is accused of breaking into the man’s home and even showing up to his job claiming she’s his wife, a police report says.

The victim told police he met Ades on a dating site and went out with her once. After their first date, Ades started harassing him and sending him thousands of texts, including threats, between April 16 and April 28, the report says.

(Jacqueline Ades via Paradise Valley Police Department)

Ades would send him 500 messages a day, the victim said.

“Don't ever try to leave me... I'll kill you... I don't wanna be a murderer!” Ades allegedly wrote.

Another text read: “I hope you die you ... rotten filthy Jew.”

And, “I’m like the new was a genius.”

Cops arrested Ades at her home on May 8 — days after she went looking for the victim at his workplace.

The victim said he was out of the country and was worried about his safety upon his return, the police report says.

Ades admitted she texted the victim all day, but he never responded. She added she threatened him because she was scared he would call the cops on her, according to the report.

Ades confessed she didn’t want to hurt him because she loved him and acknowledged her statements were “crazy.”