Mitch McConnell taunts ex-coal baron for 'Cocaine Mitch' ad

Mitch McConnell has a line for Don Blankenship.

The campaign team for Senate Majority Leader McConnell taunted the ex-coal baron with what appeared to be confetti-like plume of cocaine after losing his U.S. senate bid in West Virginia.

“Thanks for playing, Don,” the campaign tweeted Tuesday night, showing the smug Kentucky lawmaker being showered by a suspicious white powder.

Blankenship, a convicted felon, conceded the Republican primary to State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

He served one year in prison for a deadly mine disaster while CEO as Massey Energy.

Throughout his campaign, the failed candidate aimed the brunt of his ire at McConnell. He claimed the politician was “spending millions to defeat me.”

The Tuesday night dig may have been inspired by the time Blankenship blasted senator as “Cocaine Mitch” in a campaign ad, referencing the 2014 report that alleged a drug cache was found on a cargo ship owned by the family of McConnell’s wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. Blankenship also disparaged McConnell’s father-in-law as a “China-person” during a debate.

The Netflix series “Narcos,” which has dramatized the rise and fall of drug lords, caught wind of McConnell’s jab and chimed in with their own pun-ridden quip.

“Low blow, Mitch,” the TV series tweeted.