National Guard member dies in road rage stabbing on side of Missouri highway

A 23-year-old Missouri Air National Guard member was stabbed to death in a road rage attack, according to authorities.

Cody Harter, from St. Joseph, Mo., died along a Kansas City area highway after he was seen in an argument with someone else in traffic on Saturday night.

Police in Lee’s Summit said that witnesses saw the unknown suspect had pulled over to the side of the road with Harter before stabbing him and fleeing.

Harter’s family choked back tears as they made pleas for help at a Sunday press conference to find the alleged attacker who killed their loved one as he was driving home.

A look at the slain national guard member:

“Let’s find who did this senseless act so that you’re not sitting here when it’s your child,” his mother Kerrie Harter said, adding that her son always drove relatively slowly because of gas mileage and she suspected that was what may have caused the fight.

She added that he had served in Iraq, Qatar and during hurricane relief efforts last year, but was looking forward to graduating with an engineering technology degree after one more semester.

“He's been to war and back and to die because someone was angry,” the mother said.

Beyond serving in the military, the Harter family said that the victim loved his lawn care business and dirt bike racing.