Native American teens pulled from college tour after woman allegedly called police on them for being too quiet

The mother of two Native American teenagers believes her sons were victims of racial profiling after campus police removed them from a college tour on Monday.

Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray told the Associated Press that her two sons, 19-year-old Thomas Kanewakeron Gray and 17-year-old Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, saved up all their money to afford the seven-hour drive from their family home in Santa Cruz, New Mexico, to Denver in order to tour Colorado State University.

During the brothers' scheduled tour, Gray says that another woman in her sons' group called the police because she was concerned with how quiet the two were.

"When they told me that on the phone … I couldn’t wrap my head around that," Gray said. "What do you mean, it’s because they were quiet?"

According to the school, the woman actually called the police because the brothers joined the tour late and she was concerned with their sudden appearance.

"A parent participating in the tour called campus police because she was nervous about the presence of two young men who joined the tour while it was in progress," the school said in a statement.

After the two teens were stopped by a campus police officer, the older of the two brothers produced an email on his phone confirming their spot on the tour. However, by the time the incident was settled, their group had already moved on without them.

Colorado State University officials released a statement following the incident, saying it is reviewing what happened in order to avoid a repeat.

"The incident is sad and frustrating from nearly every angle, particularly the experience of two students who were here to see if this was a good fit for them as an institution," it said. "As a university community, we deeply regret the experience of these students while they were guests on our campus."

"The fact that these two students felt unwelcome on our campus while here as visitors runs counter to our principles of community and the goals and aspirations of the CSU Police Department."