Trump reportedly eyeing Corey Lewandowski for John Kelly's job as chief of staff

Among the many rumors swirling over another staff shakeup, could Corey Lewandowski make his triumphant return?

Sources tell Fox News’ Howard Kurtz President’s Trump’s first campaign manager from the 2016 campaign could replace John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff.

President Trump even reportedly floating that possibility with Lewandowski, despite being fired from the campaign.

Lewandowski could be valuable for the midterms having been on the winning side of an election.

But Kurtz says, becoming chief of staff is unlikely, in part because it would mean he’d be making less money. Plus Kurtz claims half of Trump’s staff would resign should the controversial figure join Trump’s team.

Still, Trump and Lewandowski supposedly speak regularly, even appearing at the president’s rally, and that’s more to be said over his relationship with Kelly.

Despite denials from Kelly he’s fallen out of favor with Trump, rumblings persist he’s being considered to become the new head of Veterans Affairs. Kelly has also called “total BS” on an NBC News report he’s called Trump an “idiot” insisting he has an “incredibly candid and strong relationship” with the president.