Todd Frazier rants about poor umpiring in MLB

Todd Frazier has had enough.

After the Mets were shut out for the first time this season on Wednesday, the third baseman lost his cool with home plate umpire Lance Barrett and then aired his grievances with the umpires as a whole publicly.

Frazier called for a meeting with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred or "anyone in MLB," to discuss the umpires. He will likely hear from the league office soon, but not for a meeting. He will likely face a fine for his comments.

"There is no accountability. I am getting really frustrated with these guys the last five or six games," said Frazier, who went 0-for-4 Wednesday night. "It puts you in the hole. I had two at-bats, where it puts you right in a hole."

See Frazier's history with umpires:

Lefty Sean Newcombe and the Braves bullpen held the Mets to three hits in the 7-0 loss at Citi Field. Newcombe struck out eight and the Mets struck out a total of 10 times Wednesday night.

"Like I said kid pitched a hell of a game, nothing against him, he shut us down, but when you getting in the hole pretty much every at-bat, you are kind of backpedalling a little bit," Frazier said. "You gotta keep working hard."

He has already met with individual umpires over the weekend in San Diego after he complained to that crew. Frazier said he would not name the umpires he met with.

"I asked the umpire if he understood how many pitches he missed. He said 'No, I didn't miss that many pitches.I said he missed 14 in one game. Which is the truth. He said he had a better percentage than that and let's have a meeting. Which was good," Frazier said. "I respect him for doing that. At the same time, you look back and see this kind of stuff and they are blatantly not strikes.

"I just can't sit back anymore, something has to be said."

And Tuesday night as the Mets were losing their 10th in the last 16 games, Frazier made sure to say it.

"I explained to (Barrett) that pitch didn't touch any part of the plate, very frustrating," Frazier said of Barrett's strike zone. "I talked to a couple umpires, actually had a meeting with them in San Diego and they are saying, these aren't balls, these aret strikes. You know we get the review too on the paper. I had one game the guy missed five calls on me. Next thing you know, he says he didn't. … They've got to get better. We have to hit too, but you don't want to be put in the hole every time.

"Something has to be done. The more we talk about it, the more frustrating it's getting," said Frazier, who veered off from questions about the Mets losing Jacob deGrom to injury to discuss the umpiring. "We lost fair and square, the kid pitched a hell of a game. But the umpires have to get better plain and simple."

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Frazier is 6-for-26 during the last six games with six strikeouts. He said that this has been a problem for the last couple of years. He said he has heard the complaints from other players too.

"Around the league," Frazier said. "It's been going on for years, this year has been worse for me."