San Francisco airport employee kills workplace crush's fiance

A San Francisco airport worker has been charged with killing the fiance of a co-worker he had a crush on, prosecutors said.

Kevin Prasad, 31, and his friend Donovan Rivera were charged this week with killing Mark Mangaccat in his driveway last Wednesday.

Prasad previously worked with Mangaccat was well as his fiancee, Thandel Seinn, with whom prosecutors say the suspect was infatuated.

“We were friends,” Seinn told CBS affiliate KPIX Tuesday. “At the airport, we work in same job; (my) boyfriend, me and him, we were friends.”

She and Mangaccat planned to move to Las Vegas with the 3-year-old daughter they shared, and get married.

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That all changed a week ago when Mangaccat was arriving home after picking up Seinn from her last shift at San Francisco International Airport.

San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told the channel that Prasad got out of his car, “came running up and fired through the window while they were both there.”

“It is just through great fortune that she wasn't also struck by one of the five or six bullets that were fired,” he continued.

Seinn says she never saw who did the shooting.

“So I'm crying and I'm thinking, 'What happened? He has no enemies. I don't have enemies either,'” she told KPIX.

She added Prasad would regularly ask her about going out — knowing she was in a relationship with Mangaccat — but thought it was “something like a friendly joke.”

They reportedly didn’t enter pleas when they appeared in court on Monday.

The killing has left Seinn grieving for the man she planned to marry.

“I didn't want to lose my husband,” she told KPIX. “He was my soulmate.”