An MLB player punched himself in the face last night

Talk about beating yourself up. Houston Astros pitcher Ken Giles took that to a new level on Tuesday night.

Giles entered a 0-0 game against the New York Yankees in the top of the ninth. After surrendering a single to Aaron Judge and a double to Didi Gregorius, Giles struck out Giancarlo Stanton.

With one out and men on second and third, Giles threw a hanging first-pitch slider to Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez. That’s a bad move.

Sanchez crushed the pitch to dead center for a three-run home run. The Yankees would go on to win 4-0.

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After being removed from the game, an irate Giles stormed to the dugout yelling at himself. Then he got physical…with himself.

Giles took a swing and hit himself in the face. Yes, really.

From another angle, it looks like Giles turned at the last second and may not have hit himself that hard after all.

Still, this was absurd.

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