BBC waives the license fee for street parties watching the royal wedding

Good news for people planning on hosting viewing parties for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding—you won't have to pay a license fee to screen it.

The BBC announced it will be waiving its fee for communities screening the wedding live, so people hosting street parties and other events on the day won't need to worry about buying a license.

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In the UK, premises need to buy a TV license in order to view or stream TV programmes on any device. But, the BBC sometimes issues a "dispensation" for broadcasts it deems to be "of national importance." In a statement, Pipa Doubtfire, the BBC's Head of Revenue Management, said the BBC considers the royal wedding to be such an occasion.

This means that the royal wedding can be broadcast at street parties, as well as events in town halls and community centers throughout the UK without a cost to those in attendance.

"We have decided to offer a one-off dispensation for the Royal Wedding on May 19," said Doubtfire. "This will allow the public to enjoy live coverage of the occasion at special events like street parties, where TV is not usually watched, without needing to buy a license."

Better get planning that street party, people!

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