Two sets of remains found after workers discovered human skull

Two sets of human remains were discovered behind an apartment building in Washington, D.C., days after a human skull was found in the same area, the medical examiner’s office said Saturday.

The initial discovery was made Wednesday by a construction crew in Congress Heights, which found what was confirmed to be a human skull while working at the rear of the building, NBC Washington reported.

Forensics investigators found two more sets of remains in the area Saturday, according to the report.

They were also confirmed to be human. All three sets of remains belonged to woman, the medical examiner's office said, NBC Washington reported.

Neighbors were shocked by the macabre discoveries.

“It’s insane. To find human remains — it’s not OK,” Congress Heights resident Ikea Jones told NBC Washington. “We have children in the neighborhood. They play. They do a lot, and it’s a quiet neighborhood, a beautiful neighborhood, and everyone here is cool,” she said.

The state in which the remains were found is unclear.