Trump boasts of higher poll numbers than Obama

President Trump has boasted about his poll numbers in comparison to those of his predecessor Barack Obama, writing on Twitter Sunday, “Just got recent Poll – much higher than President O at same time….Well, much more has been accomplished!”

Though it is unclear which poll he is referencing, Trump’s approval rating did exceed Obama’s in a recent survey by conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports.

It found that on April 2 of this year, Trump scored a 50 percent job approval rating which was 4 points higher than Obama’s mark on the same day in 2010, according to the Washington Examiner.

Trump tweeted about the result the following day, writing, “Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration.”

Nevertheless, the statistics site FiveThirtyEight, which aggregates ratings from several major polls, shows that Obama has consistently maintained higher job approval numbers than the current president. For instance, it says that on Day 464 in office, Obama’s overall rating was eight points higher than Trump’s.

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