Rep. Adam Schiff credits Trump’s ‘unpredictability’ and ‘bellicosity’ for North Korea progress

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff on Sunday credited President Trump’s “unpredictability” and “bellicosity” for helping to make progress with North Korea.

The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee said on ABC News’ ‘This Week,’ “I think it’s more than fair to say that the combination of the president’s unpredictability and indeed, his bellicosity had something to do with the North Koreans deciding to come to the table.”

“But before the president takes too much credit or hangs out the mission accomplished banner, he needs to realize that we may go into a confrontational phase and he may not want the full blame if things go south,” Schiff added.

His comments were made the same day the New York Times reported, based on a South Korean spokesperson, that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promised to give up his nuclear weapons “if the United States would agree to formally end the Korean War and promise that it would not invade his country.”

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Despite skepticism over whether North Korea will actually follow through on its end of the deal, Trump is already being praised for getting North Korea to engage in diplomatic talks, including a historic meeting the regime recently had with South Korea.

In fact, some have already suggested that, should peace be achieved on the Korean peninsula, Trump would likely be a leading contender to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to Newsweek, the U.S. president is expected to meet with Kim “in the coming weeks.”