More than 60 women in support Tom Brokaw amid harassment claims

Tom Brokaw is raking up support from female journalists amid allegations he sexually harassed formed NBC News employees across four decades.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, “Today” correspondent Maria Shriver and NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell were just three of 64 journalists’ names on a letter of support issued on Friday.

“As professional women, we fully endorse the conversation around abuse of power in the workplace. In the context of that conversation, we would like to share our perspectives on working with Tom Brokaw,” the letter began, according to Deadline.

The women claimed that the veteran news anchor “treated each of us with fairness and respect.”

“He has given each of us opportunities for advancement and championed our successes throughout our careers,” the letter continued.

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The woman on the list were either former or current employees of NBC. MSNBC’s Mike Brzenzinski said she would like to add her name to the list once it went public.

Brokaw, 78, was accused by Linda Vester, a former Middle East correspondent, of sexually harassing her when she was in her 20s, both The Washington Post and Variety reported Thursday.

Another woman, who worked as a production assistant for the network, also accused Broawk of touching her inappropriately.

The former news anchor sent out a public memo Friday, claiming he had been “ambushed and then perp walked across the pages of The Washington Post and Variety as an avatar of male misogyny, taken to the guillotine and stripped of any honor and achievement I had earned in more than a half-century of journalism and citizenship.”

The news of Brokaw’s alleged indecent behavior comes less than a year after NBC News employee Matt Lauer was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior.

Lauer also issued a statement Friday ripping “false stories from anonymous or biased sources.”

“Any allegations or reports of coercive, aggressive or abusive actions on my part, at any time, are absolutely false,” he told The Washington Post.

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack told employees that a “substantial culture assessment was underway at the network in the wake of the allegations.

“Once again, our highest priority is to ensure we have a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected. We are absolutely committed to making this a reality—there can be no exception,” Lack said.

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