Three US Marines booked on rape charges in New Orleans

Three U.S. Marines were arrested and booked on rape charges Thursday and Friday, after two women filed a police report against them in early April.

Antonio Landrum, 18, Jared Anderson, 18, and Alexander Davenport, 20, were each booked in New Orleans on rape charges following an incident that took place near Tulane University’s campus.

Landrum was booked with third-degree rape, Anderson was booked with first-degree rape, and Davenport was booked with two counts of first-degree rape, court records show, according to The Times-Picayune.

The alleged rapes took place on April 15 at one of the woman’s homes near Tulane University.

One woman was a Tulane student and the other was identified as her guest, according to a campus alert sent out after the alleged crimes were reported, The Times-Picayune reported.

One of the two victims told police she left a bar with her friend and a man who was later identified as Landrum.

Landrum had sex with both women, described at times as “consensual” in court documents, according to The Times-Picayune.

But the women also claim that Landrum “forced” them to have sex with him. One of the victims said he refused to stop after she’d asked him to, and resorted to shoving him away.

Landrum then invited three male friends, including Anderson and Davenport, to the home, warrant documents show.

One woman claims that Davenport forced her into oral sex, authorities said. She also admitted to having consensual sex with Anderson.

The other woman, who said she blacked out after having sex with Landrum, told police she “vaguely remembered” being violently raped by the other men.

She recalled one of them having a tattoo.

The three Marines reportedly contacted their Marine Corps supervisors about a “possible police report being filed on them,” the warrant says.

Both Landrum and Anderson admitted to having sex with the women, authorities said, The Times-Picayune reported.

Landrum claims he called his friends to pick him up—not to invite them inside the woman’s home.

He also said he saw Davenport having sex with the second woman who was “passed out drunk.”

Davenport did not provide a statement to police.

It’s not clear who the fourth man at the scene was.