Stoneman Douglas teacher accused of likening student to Hitler

A teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School is accused of calling a student who has defended his gun rights the "next Hitler."

Greg Pittman allegedly made the comment to students at the Florida school after junior Kyle Kashuv complained about being questioned by school security and local law enforcement officials. Kashuv had posted photos of himself holding an AR-15 assault rifle at a gun range.

"So... I just got a call from a friend of mine from @GregPittman1957's class and he apparently compared me to Hitler in class and said I am a piece of crap," Kashuv tweeted on Wednesday. "The rant was about 10-minutes during class time and how he was right and I was wrong with my comments..."

Multiple students told Kashuv that Pittman called him the "next Hitler," according to the Sun Sentinel. The Broward County School District is looking into Pittman's comments.

"My grandfather was one of the only survivors of the holocaust out of his entire family, and now a teacher is calling me the next Hitler because I have different political views. Sad!," Kashuv tweeted Thursday.

Kashuv has been vocal in his support of gun rights in wake of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas that left 17 people dead on Valentine's Day, and has clashed with Pittman, who has spoken out for tougher gun laws.

The history teacher criticized Kashuv after the student complained to Tucker Carlson of Fox News about "very, very, very harsh intimidation tactics" by local authorities and school officials in connection with the AR-15 photo. The photo was posted on the anniversary of the Columbine school massacre in Colorado.

"After a mass shooting at a school, you don't have to be the sharpest tack in the box to understand when another student posts a photo of an assault weapon why school security personnel and police might ask questions," Pittman tweeted, according to the Sun Suntinel.

"Do you have any idea what it is like for kids to go back or teachers in those classes?" the teacher wrote in another tweet. "Kyle only did it for attention. Very very bad idea to do. Poor taste is being kind."

Kashuv countered, according to the newspaper: "Greg, it's not in poor taste to learn how to defend myself to ensure I'm not the next victim. I want others to do the same. We saw that the actual first responder to an active shooter is the potential victim(s). The fact that you're too ignorant to see that is telling."