Woman found butchered in park laid to rest as NYPD seeks help

As Brandy Odom was laid to rest Thursday, the NYPD revealed it has yet to receive a single tip in the death of the Brooklyn woman whose hacked up body was found in Canarsie Park.

Police officials pleaded for help in the ice-cold investigation into the murder of the 26-year-old Odom.

“In this particular case we have yet to receive one tip,” Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said.

“So we are again asking for the public’s help. Any information, no matter how slight, whether you think it's unimportant or not, see anything out of the ordinary in that park or in the area surrounding that park, please call (the) CrimeStoppers (hotline).”

Odom’s dismembered body was discovered in a wooded area of Canarsie Park on April 9.

Detectives suspect that Odom was killed somewhere else, then dumped inside the park.

NYPD Chief James O’Neill said he remains confident that investigators will solve the case.

“We've has very difficult cases in the past and we've solved those, with the help of the community,” O’Neill said. This is what neighborhood policing is all about ... I’m absolutely positive that we’re gonna make progress on this case.”

The NYPD’s plea for help was issued at nearly the same time as more than 300 mourners poured into Brown Memorial Baptist Church on Gates Ave. to pay their final respects to Odom.

The young woman’s white casket sat in front of a large portrait of her, surrounded by three wreaths of all-white flowers.

“I’m wearing white today because my angel is in heaven," her mother Nicole Odom said before the start of the service.

The funeral program featured a heartbreaking letter that the mother wrote to her daughter, affectionately known as Chocolate.

“Growing up, you were always such a girly girl,” it read.

“You loved dresses and shoes, and wanted to wear them all of the time. One memorable moment is when we have mommy and daughter teatime with your plastic tea set.”

At the funeral, one of Odom’s former guidance counselors at Brooklyn Democracy Academy said the polite young woman longed to become a school safety officer.

“This young lady here, she was the best,” added Shirley Vaughan-Walston. “Never a negative word. Never.”

“Whoever did this,” she added, “Father right now, they will have no peace in the name of Jesus.”

The words were met with applause — and shouts of “No peace!”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the CrimeStoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS.