High school golfer attacked by goose documented in unbelievable photos

What if Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was real life? Except instead of many birds, it's just one big bird?

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At a recent high school golf tournament in Michigan, one unlucky student named Isaac Couling crossed paths with the most pissed off goose ever.

The group of four Blissfield High School students had just teed off, when they noticed a goose sitting on an egg nearby and made sure to keep their distance — until another goose appeared out of nowhere ready for battle.

I'm just really glad someone was there to photograph the event rather than help.

Isaac's friends look both amused and relieved that they weren't the target of the attack.

I like to think the goose was attacking him because he's sick of watching the most boring sport in America.

I also like to think the goose threw him to the ground like this.

According to ABC News, the assistant coach drove with his wife in a golf cart to try to separate the furious goose and horrified teen, a maneuver which took four golf carts to successfully complete in the end.

Devon Gilson-Pitts, the assistant coach's wife, said that they "had some excitement on the course yesterday." If that's excitement, then count me out.

I hope the student and goose have since made up.

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