Former NFL player takes controversial prom picture with daughter’s boyfriend

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely got more than he bargained for when he shared a photo of he, his daughter and her boyfriend on prom night.

Last night, Feely posted a photo of the trio pre-prom. In it, Feely is holding a gun.

“Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom #BadBoys,” read the caption.

Feely made an age-old joke about the overprotective dad who is willing to shoot any boy who does his daughter wrong. He’s not the first to use it.

However, there were many people who responded to the tweet criticizing him for the photo, especially given today’s gun climate. In fairness to Feely, there were others who backed him up and didn’t think he did anything wrong.

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Feely clarified the post this morning. The boy in the photo is his daughter’s boyfriend, and he was apparently in on the joke.

Feely also said the gun was not loaded.

An inappropriate post or are people blowing it out of proportion? Anything gun-related is bound to cause controversy these days.

Feely probably should have realized he’d get this backlash, even if he was only playing around.

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