A head coach is getting crushed for what he said about his fans after spring game

Tennessee head coach Jeremy Pruitt was not too thrilled about his fan support at the spring game on Saturday. He called out some of the program’s fans after the contest.

Despite attendance over 65,000 at Neyland Stadium, he wasn’t satisfied with the fan base’s effort. That number is among the best of any college football program this year. The many big programs with new head coaches all saw very strong attendance over the last few weeks.

After the game, he called out fans who didn’t make the trip for the spring game. Via SEC Country:

“It’s kind of like our football team, for the fans,” Pruitt said. “The ones that were here, I’m proud they were here. They’re fired up. They’re ready to get going. OK? And then there were some people that weren’t who that had legitimate reasons. They couldn’t be here. And there were some people that weren’t here, that … why weren’t they here? It’s kind of like our football team. I think we all need to look in the mirror and see who we want to be.”

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Tennessee fans that stayed home aren’t the only ones who drew Jeremy Pruitt’s ire.

He was clearly not thrilled with the effort made by every Vol on the field either. He accused a few of his players of “quitting” during the game.

“I saw a couple of guys out there [Saturday] just flat out quit,” Pruitt said. “Call it what you want to. I’m going to say they quit. That’s what I saw.”

The former Alabama and Georgia defensive coordinator pointed to a 134-14 disparity in rushing yards as an indicator of disappointing effort.

“Is one team that much better than the other one?” Pruitt said. “I don’t think so. I’ve watched them practice for 14 days. … But there were some guys that went out there and competed and tried to do the best of their abilities, and we had some guys, that’s not what they did.”

The game itself was a blowout. The orange team, led by quarterback Jarrett Guarantano, knocked off the white team 34-7. Guarantano put up 226 yards and two touchdowns on the afternoon.

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