LeBron James wasn't happy with a question about his teammates after the game 3 loss to the Pacers

The Cleveland Cavaliers blew a huge second-half lead on Friday night, and after the contest, LeBron James was given a chance to throw his teammates under the bus. He didn’t take it.

After the contest, one reporter asked James what needs to happen for one of his teammates to step up and over-perform. The question was asked because Pacers big man Bojan Bogdanovic, usually a role player for the Pacers, poured in 30 points on 11-of-15 shooting to help his team prevail. He also played some solid defense on LeBron in the process.

Reporter: Is there anything you can say or encourage or help try to manifest to get a guy to play above, his kind of, pay grade?

LeBron: What are you guys looking for. You think I’m going to throw my teammates under the bus? Is that it? No? I’m not about that. Guys just have to play better, including myself. I had six turnovers tonight. I was horrible in the third quarter, couldn’t make a shot.

James didn’t play well in the third quarter, but he was hardly the reason his team lost. James scored 28 points on 10-of-22 shooting, adding 12 rebounds and eight assists.

James has never been one to blame losses on his teammates, so his reaction here isn’t a surprise. At the same time, it’s likely becoming more and more apparent to him that this roster is incapable of winning an NBA title.

If you haven’t seen how the game ended, you can check that out here. J.R. Smith is getting crushed for not giving the ball up on the game’s final possession.

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