Report: Alex Rodriguez's nephew kidnapped after Lamborghini sale went south

Norberto Susini, Alex Rodriguez’s nephew, was kidnapped and held against his will after a car deal went south. (Getty)
Norberto Susini, Alex Rodriguez’s nephew, was kidnapped and held against his will after a car deal went south. (Getty)

Being the nephew of a famous and famously rich retired baseball player can be dangerous. If people know, it could make you the target of kidnapping or extortion schemes. But apparently, being a Lamborghini salesman can also be dangerous.

According to the New York Post, Norberto Susini, the 29-year-old nephew of former MLB slugger (and current ESPN broadcaster) Alex Rodriguez, was abducted Wednesday night by two men and held at his hotel room against his will. But they weren’t trying to get to A-Rod apparently. They were reportedly trying to get the deposit back on a Lamborghini they no longer wanted.

Susini is a ballplayer who has played in both the minors and the independent league, but baseball’s not his only job. He also sells high-priced cars on the side. The Post reported that Susini met up with two prospective buyers — Anthony Gilkes and Lamin Vucetovic — in Times Square on Wednesday. The trio then went to the Marriott Marquis on Broadway, presumably to continue hammering out the sale. However, once they got there, Vucetovic got cold feet and demanded the $30,000 deposit back. That’s when the two men allegedly held Susini against his will in a hotel room.

There are conflicting stories about what happened next. The Post says that Gilkes and Vucetovic called Susini’s “business partners” to demand a ransom, and those business partners then immediately called the police. But the New York Daily News reported that Susini somehow freed himself and then called a friend, and the friend called 911. If this version is true, it’s unclear why Susini decided to call a friend instead of calling 911 himself.

According to the Daily News, Gilkes and Vucetovic turned themselves in to police at 3:50 a.m. Thursday, and were charged with kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment.

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