Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram shows him living his best life in the Caribbean just a week after a gunman sprayed bullets at his entourage

  • Floyd Mayweather has been photographed chilling by a private swimming pool in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

  • The retired boxer has taken a vacation just one week after his entourage was targeted by a gunman.

  • One of Mayweather's security guards was shot in the leg and hospitalised as a result of the attack.

  • Mayweather is reportedly set to train with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley so he can get ready for life in a UFC octagon.

  • But it is unclear when he will return from the Caribbean.

Floyd Mayweather is rarely out of the spotlight — but right now he is far removed from the media glare as he has taken a vacation in the Caribbean.

Last month, the retired boxer generated headlines when he claimed he could be ready to compete in his first UFC fight by the end of the year.

More recently, Mayweather made the news when a gunman targeted the fighter's entourage and sprayed bullets at his three car motorcade, wounding one of his bodyguards — Gregory La Rosa — in the leg on April 9.

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Mayweather has now removed himself from the spotlight completely, even if temporarily. If you take one look at his Instagram account, he has clearly gone on vacation.

On Tuesday, the 41-year-old uploaded a photograph from the Turks and Caicos Islands, a Caribbean hotspot 650 miles southeast of Miami, Florida.

He can be seen chilling by the poolside, under a clear blue sky, with at least three women in bikinis.

"They talk about it and I really live it," he wrote in the caption.

The photograph followed this one published from Miami Beach on Sunday.

When Mayweather returns to the US, he will likely make news once again as the combat sports industry waits to hear whether he will begin training for life in a mixed martial arts cage. Current UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley even said Mayweather wanted his help getting ready for UFC.

"If we can get together with UFC and make a mega fight happen, one fight, it could be against Conor McGregor, we don't know. But we could do a multi fight deal," Mayweather said to Showtime earlier this month.

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