Alabama governor Kay Ivey criticizes 'out-of-state liberals' over confederate statue debate

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey does not believe in letting bygones be bygones.

The Hill reports that Ivey is standing strong and refuses to condemn the racist Confederate statutes in the state and instead says there’s an Act to protect them from getting demolished and she believes they should remain erect.

“We can’t and shouldn’t even try to charge or erase or tear down our history,” she said, according to “We must learn from our history.”

Ivey spoke at a campaign rally to run for a full governor position. She assumed the current position after a campaign finance violation scandal ended the career of former Alabama governor Robert Bentley, who pleaded guilty to the crimes.

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Ivey is adamant about not allowing outsiders control her controversial agenda in the state.

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She said that “folks in Washington” and “out-of-state liberals” should not interfere with the historical monument issue. To ensure that they remain hands off, Ivey signed legislation last year to “block local governments from removing monuments” called the Alabama Memorial Preservation Act of 2017.

The Act also thwarts efforts to change the names of public schools that have been in operation for more than 40 years. That means schools with names of racist leaders can’t be christened with a new less offensive name.

Ivey stands by her tone-deaf convictions.

“We can’t change or erase our history, but here in Alabama, we know something Washington doesn’t – to get where we’re going means understanding where we’ve been,” she says in a campaign ad.

The Alabama NAACP and the Alabama Black Caucus is against the Act that protects the racist statutes.

Ivey said removing them is “politically correct nonsense.”

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