Protesters swarm Philly Starbucks after 2 black men were arrested

Dozens of protesters rallied a Philadelphia Starbucks Sunday calling for the firing of the store’s manager after two black men waiting for a friend were arrested.

Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif led the demonstration where protesters chanted “Boycott Starbucks,” and others carried signs that read, “Coffee is black, not blonde.”

“This is a people rally against racism ... against racial profiling,” Khalif yelled through a bullhorn outside the store. “This is a people rally because we know when we’re together we’re strong — together we can go against this racist institution.”

Protesters later went inside Starbucks’s downtown location while customers and employee looked on.

“We want to reclaim this space because two black men were harassed and arrested here because a racist manager decided that the only way to deal with black bodies is with aggression and fear,” Khalif said.

Camille Hymes, Starbucks regional vice president, was in the store during the protest.

“The events that occurred ... we deeply regret,” she told Khalif in front of the crowd. “We would love to meet those two men and personally apologize.”

Protester Wendy Mial said she was “devastated” by the arrests and that she’s not stepping into another Starbucks again.

“The enemy, in some ways, is ourselves,” Mial said. “Look how few people are here today. Who's not outraged about this?”

A video posted to social media showed cops arresting two black men in the store on Thursday, — and it immediately drew outrage from activists calling the incident racist.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross defended his police officers’ actions saying they “did absolutely nothing wrong.”

A store employee called the police to report the men were trespassing, Ross, who is black, said.

The men — who were waiting for a friend — wanted to use the bathroom but were turned down because they didn’t buy anything, which is the company’s policy, the commissioner said.

They were asked to leave but refused to do so. The men were then arrested and later released. No charges have been filed.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson apologized Saturday saying he wants to meet with the men to offer them a “face-to-face apology.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s office, the police department and Starbucks launched separate investigations into the incident.