Paul Ryan backs Rep. Kevin McCarthy as next House speaker

House Speaker Paul Ryan threw his support behind Rep. Kevin McCarthy to succeed him in the top post.

In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” that aired Sunday, Ryan, who announced last week he wouldn’t run for re-election, endorsed the California Republican and current House majority leader.

“I think we all believe that Kevin is the right person,” he said.

Rep. Steve Scalise had been expected to make a run for the job, but Ryan said Scalise and other members of the leadership team agree the gig should go to McCarthy. He said he expects Republicans to keep a majority in the House.

“I fully anticipate handing the gavel over to the next Speaker of the House,” Ryan told “Meet the Press.”

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Ryan took over in 2015 amid a leadership fight, with McCarthy among the contenders who were unable to attract sufficient support.

“What’s changed is we have gotten a lot done,” he said. “We put together an agenda. We ran on that agenda. We won the election. We are executing that agenda. We are getting it done. So what’s changed is this leadership team has come together and gelled, this conference has been unified, and we’ve actually moved the ball and gotten things done.”