Trump supporter films himself shooting at photo of David Hogg

A Trump supporter fired his rifle at a photo of Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg in an incendiary video that was removed from several social media platforms.

Frank Espinoza, also known as “Lawerewolf” online, was suspended on Twitter after he shared the video and addressed the gun control activist directly as “the b---h at CNN.”

“You want to push society to a civil war? You want to make us all fight?” Espinoza asked. “You want to see what a civil war looks like? I’m going to show you what a civil war looks like David.”

Espinoza, who filmed the video at a shooting range, then aimed his rifle at a cut-out image of Hogg’s head, which was left riddled with bullet holes.

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The video has also been removed from YouTube for violating the platform’s policy on “harassment and bullying.”

Espinoza also attacked Hogg in another YouTube video last month falsely claiming the teenager was not at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school when the gunman opened fire and killed 17 people.

He shared a screenshot of YouTube’s message announcing his video had been taken down, and wrote, “I was too edgy.”

The Trump supporter, who has a history of sharing bigoted content online, has built up a small following on YouTube and solicits donations from his fan base on the website Patreon.

He told Newsweek, “I’m a performance artist. I wanted to see the trajectory of where this [Internet censorship] was going.”

Another Instagram post on March 4 shows a photo of Trump holding a dove with the caption, “Time to free the internet against censorship and being banned.”

Hogg, along with several of his classmates, has attracted the ire of right-wing figures after he became a vocal gun control activist in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., shooting on Valentine’s Day.

Hogg, who celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday, tweeted, “This year I’m going to promote love and justice so that in this great country we can all grow together and love together as Americans.”