Dez Bryant aiming for deal with NFC East teams after release from Cowboys: 'It's personal'

Apparently there are two levels of anger. There’s mad and then there’s “Dez Bryant after being cut from the Cowboys” mad.

The 29-year-old receiver was released by Dallas on Friday, ending an eight-year tenure with the team that included three Pro Bowls, 7,459 receiving yards and 73 touchdowns. In his first interview after the move with NFL Network’s Jane Slater, Bryant didn’t hold back on his intentions as a free agent.

“Being in the Division, that’s a huge possibility,” Bryant said, per a transcript posted by Slater. “It’s personal. I’m tired of being a scapegoat. I’m a real guy. I’m gonna prove that on and off the field. I come from dirt. I have strong beliefs and faith.”

Bryant has been quite active on Twitter since news of his Cowboys release came out, retweeting basically any former teammate with good words to say about him and again noting that he is taking the move personally. As explained by Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson, the move came from a combination of things, including perceived slip in Bryant’s play since 2014, a $12.5 million salary seen as an overpay and an inability to mesh with franchise quarterback Dak Prescott.

Dez Bryant, released by the Cowboys, is now interested in signing with the Redskins and other NFC East teams.
Once opponents, Dez Bryant seems very interested in signing with the Redskins, Giants or Eagles in order to spite the Cowboys. (AP Photo)

While Bryant seems willing, it appears that the initial reaction from the three other NFC East teams to his free agency has been a little more lukewarm.

Bryant’s preferred options also might not be limited to the NFC East, as he retweeted a photoshop of him in a Houston Texans uniform from a fellow star receiver in Texas, DeAndre Hopkins.

Wherever Bryant ends up, you can be sure he won’t be doing anything to minimize the drama his free agency could bring to the NFL.

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