Tabloid bought Trump love-child rumor for $30G, then spiked story

The National Enquirer paid for and shut the door on a story that could have hurt President Trump’s campaign, according to a report.

American Media Inc, which owns the magazine, gave Dino Sajudin, the ex-doorman of one of Trump’s buildings, $30,000 for a story, the Associated Press reported early Thursday.

Sajudin’s story was reportedly based on a rumor that Trump had fathered a child with an employee at Trump World Tower, in Midtown East.

The woman involved, who has not been identified, said that the rumor is false and “this is all fake.”

Michael Cohen, a longtime Trump lawyer whose offices and apartment were recently raided by investigators, denied that he knew anything about the payment and also said the rumor was baseless.

He has confirmed that he gave $130,000 pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, who says she had an affair with the President after he married his wife Melania, during the 2016 campaign, but said he paid it out of his own pocket.

More on Stormy Daniels:

The National Enquirer has also been accused of acting for Trump by buying the story of Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who also says she had an affair with Trump, for $150,000.

Payments to the women by both Cohen and AMI are under investigation by prosecutors.

The tabloid company says that the payment to McDougal was for a fitness column.

Radar Online, a sister publication to the Enquirer, published a story Wednesday saying that editors at the Enquirer believe Sajudin’s tale was not true.

Unnamed staffers at the Enquirer said that the magazine didn’t show its usual aggressiveness in confirming the story.

David Pecker, the publisher of the parent company AMI, is a public supporter of Trump, and the Enquirer made the unusual step of endorsing Trump in 2016.

Sajudin was reportedly subject to a $1 million if he broke his agreement, which a source told the AP was larger than any other amount he’d seen.