Pregnant singer shot in Pakistan after she refused to stand

A pregnant musician in Pakistan was reportedly shot and killed after she declined a man's demands to stand as she sung at a family gathering.

Samira Sindhu, 28, was murdered Tuesday in a village near the city of Larkana, in the middle of a performance to celebrate a family member's circumcision, according to the BBC.

Police have reportedly arrested Tariq Jatoi in connection with the killing, though he disputed the story that he commanded she rise, and instead claimed he was firing a gun in the air and Sindhu was hit by accident.

The singer's husband, Ashiq Sammoo, reportedly told police Jatoi "threateningly ordered her to stand up and sing," and that he shot and killed her when she declined, citing her pregnancy. She was eight months along.

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Jatoi remains in custody, according to the BBC, and is awaiting the results of a blood alcohol test, as local outlets have reported that he was drunk at the time of the incident.

Sindhu had reportedly released at least eight albums of Sindhi folk and Sufi music before her death, and was best known for her performances at family functions.

Her death has sparked protest in Pakistan from fellow artists demanding police arrest an additional two men who were allegedly at the scene of the crime.