Brandon McCarthy got trolled by his wife after suffering cringe-inducing injury

Atlanta Braves pitcher Brandon McCarthy had a rough day on Wednesday, though we’re not sure if he was hurt more by his in-game shoulder injury or being trolled by his wife on Twitter after suffering the injury.

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The Braves confirmed their veteran right-hander left his start against the Washington Nationals after suffering a left shoulder subluxation, which translates to a partial dislocation.

Not that the fans needed the confirmation after watching McCarthy and the Braves athletic trainer pop his shoulder back into place right on the field.

McCarthy suffered the injury on an innocent looking play. He was covering first base on a routine ground ball when a wide throw forced him to reach back. Nothing appeared to be unusual. That was until McCarthy started grabbing his shoulder and motioning for the trainer to come out.

McCarthy appeared to be in much better shape after his shoulder was popped back into place. That wasn’t lost on his wife, Amanda, who took the opportunity to troll him.

Both Brandon and Amanda McCarthy are known for having some fun on social media. Often times it’s at each other’s expense.

This roast, though, will be difficult to top.

Braves starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy reacts after suffering a partially dislocated shoulder during Wednesday's game against the Nationals. (AP)
Braves starting pitcher Brandon McCarthy reacts after suffering a partially dislocated shoulder during Wednesday’s game against the Nationals. (AP)

Fortunately for the Braves, they would go on to beat the Nationals 5-3 in 12 innings despite having to go to their bullpen after five innings.

Fortunately for McCarthy, it appears as though he’ll be able to make his next scheduled start this weekend. Whether he can swing a bat is another matter the Braves might have to consider. As for washing the dishes, it sounds like he won’t be getting out of that again no matter how hard he tries.

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