Anthony Rizzo blames worst bed in the world for his back injury

Chicago Cubs star first baseman Anthony Rizzo had good intentions during the team’s early road trip: He just wanted to get more sleep. With so much more of the season to go, it seemed like a great idea. Take advantage of the time you have now so you can stay healthy during the late-season grind.

Somehow, that simple plan ended in disaster.

According to Rizzo, a bed is the reason for his most recent stint on the disabled list. He told ESPN he believes sleeping on a bad bed in a Cincinnati hotel room may have aggravated his back.

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This is, perhaps surprisingly, not the first bed-related trauma suffered by a baseball player. Jonathan Lucroy once broke his hand after a suitcase fell off his bed and landed on it. Glenallen Hill once fell out of his bed and through a glass table after having a nightmare about spiders.

Hill’s situation sounds a million times worse than Rizzo’s, though we’re not downplaying the severity of Rizzo’s ailment. The Cubs should have Rizzo back once his quick stint on the 10-day DL is over.

In theory, this should make Rizzo more relatable. Most people ravaged by the ailments of time have woken up with a sore something or other in their lives. Rizzo, however, is 28, which is way too young to start getting injured while sleeping.

While he’s young, Rizzo is not dumb. He’s already come up with a foolproof strategy to avoid an injury the next time the team visits Cincinnati, according to ESPN.

“I think the next time I go [to Cincinnati], I’ll sleep on the floor,” Rizzo said.

Hopefully, the Cubs can find a hotel room with a luxurious floor for Rizzo. If there’s anything more embarrassing than getting injured in your sleep once, it’s suffering a repeat incident.

Anthony Rizzo is dealing with back issues after a bad night of sleep. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
Anthony Rizzo is dealing with back issues after a bad night of sleep. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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