Sacramento man regrets 911 call that led to Stephon Clark's death

A heartbroken Sacramento man is hesitant to dial 911 again knowing his plea for help prompted the police shooting death of Stephon Clark.

The caller, Dave Reiling, said he found a man bashing in his truck windows before the March 18 killing, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday.

Despite knowing Clark's family, Reiling couldn't see who the culprit in the hoodie was. He chased the suspect down the street with a baseball bat and called 911 after losing him in a neighbor's yard.

Cops in the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department helicopter urged him to go inside and he did.

That's when Reiling said he heard the 20 rounds fired by two unidentified Sacramento Police Department officers that sparked days of protests in the California capitol.

Clark was shot repeatedly from behind in his grandmother’s backyard while holding a cell phone, not a gun as initially believed by law enforcement.

"It makes me never want to call 911 again," Reiling told the paper. "They shot an innocent person."