Tourists who threw carrots at alligator facing $200 fines, 30 days in jail

A recreation center in South Carolina is trying to track down the visitors who threw carrots onto an 11-foot alligator and charge them $200 per carrot.

Fripp Island Activity Center called it "a new level of stupid" in a Facebook post, writing, "We know some of Fripp's wildlife is amazing, but this is not how appreciation, respect, or admiration work.”

"By giving these awesome prehistoric predators space we can live along side them," the post continues.

The center goes on to note that it has a description of the people believed to be responsible.

If found, Fripp says the fine for alligator harassment is $200 — noting that that would be each vegetable thrown is worth a $200 fine.

The AP cites state law, noting that the culprits could face 30 days in jail as well.

"Y'all, make good choices," the post concludes. "Don't be stupid. This is not how Fripp treats its wildlife.”