The Denver Post accidentally put a picture of Citizens Bank Park in its Coors Field guide

A photo of Citizens Bank Park and not Coors Field ran in the Rockies preview in the Denver Post. (Getty Images)
A photo of Citizens Bank Park and not Coors Field ran in the Rockies preview in the Denver Post. (Getty Images)

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s an incontrovertible fact. But some mistakes are just too funny to ignore.

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In preparation for the Colorado Rockies’ home opener at Coors Field on Friday, the Denver Post published “The Ultimate Visitors Guide to Coors Field” in their Life & Culture section. And on the front of that section there was a big, glorious photo of Coors Field. Or at least that’s what was supposed to be there. That’s not quite what made it to press.

Yup. That’s not Coors Field. That’s Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies.

If you’ve ever made a big, enormous mistake that lots of people noticed, you probably feel more than a little sympathy for whoever made that error. But no matter what, that front page is worth a laugh. It’s an enormous article about visiting Coors Field, and there’s a picture of an entirely different ballpark right at the top! That’s just funny.

The Phillies Twitter account noticed, and you know what’s coming next.

The Post issued an apology shortly after being thoroughly shamed by the Phillies. (Just kidding, it was probably just a coincidence that the apology tweet went live a few minutes after that Phillies tweet.)

They may regret the error, but it was super funny. That’s a front page worth framing and putting in your office in case you ever need a laugh during a tough day.

It was just a mistake, but looking at what’s been going on at the Denver Post lately, you can’t help but think it’s one that might’ve been caught a few years ago. The paper has been ravaged by layoffs under new owner Heath Freeman. This tweet tells you everything you need to know about how bad it is.

Everyone makes mistakes, and hopefully whoever made this one is able to look back and laugh about it soon. But also? Maybe don’t lay off your journalists and copy editors if you’re trying to put out a paper that’s free from embarrassing mistakes.

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